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  • High Quality Materials

    Our products are built with industrial grade steel, Aluminum,Stainless steel, etc. Try to lift or tip one of our products and you’ll feel the difference that solid construction and a low center of gravity can make in stability.

  • Easy Custom Design

    One of the benefits of working with Mihler is our ability to give you a wide range of custom design options. We provide you with color schemes that match your brand and further strengthen your brand identity with our products. Additionally, we can apply company logos and other visual cues to enhance your brand.

  • Equipment And Test

    Advanced laser cutting, turret punching and bending equipment for metal fabrication and prototyping. Advanced Machining and CNC Equipment for Mold building. Aavanced plastic tooling and injection machine for plastic production. Various Stamping Machines for progressive dies production. Flexible Assembly lines for smart production plan.

  • Customer Service

    Project Management Advanced Production Planning Worldwide Shipment /Drop Ship World Supply Chain Management Account Management & Technical Support

R&D and Engineering Team is one of the most important property of Mihler, with over 30 qualified engineers at Mihler, who are involved in all of activities of product design, engineering, electrical hardware and software development, product reliability test. All our designers and engineers work together for providing the most cost-efficient and comprehensive way to ensure the completion and accuracy of every project
Mihler’s quality process has greatly enhanced with certification to the ISO 9001:2008 Standards We continuously train and improve employee knowledge. Our quality objectives are measurable, the results are reviewed and our goals are adjusted at each management meeting to ensure that our overall company objectives are consistent.