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Mihler is dedicated to designing and manufacturing stylish, secure and quality Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk and Tablet Stand Solutions to meet our clients’ various needs. 
New Products
  1. C-Clamp Desk Mount Stand
    • Model SC-509
    • 270° Rotation and 180° Tilting
  2. DSF-B132-S4L
    •32 inch removeable digital signage
    •Durable and secure metal construction
    •Multi-point capacitive touch screen
    •Supporting power from external power or battery power(not provide) supply
    •1 Year Warranty
  3. VESA mounting adjustable stand
    •Model SC-304
    • With titling and rotatable bracket
  4. 360° Rotating & Tilting Bracket
    • Model SW-301
    • Wall mounting iPad stand
  5. DSF-B1133-S4B
    •13.3 inch free standing Digital Signage
    •Secure and Durable metal construction
    •With camera for collecting data
    •1 Year warranty
  6. Stylish stand
    Model SC-102
    360 degree rotating tablet stand
  7. KSW-A132-S4
    •32 inch Floor standing interactive kiosk
    • Payment interactive kiosk with card reader, printer, scanner model, etc
    •Three mounting options: floor stand, wall mount and counter top
  8. KSF-A119-S4
    •19' Touch Screen Kiosk
    • Ordering Kiosk with Printer built in
    • Three mounting options: floor stand, wall mount and counter top
  9. KSC-A119-S4
    Countertop 19 Interactive Kiosk
  10. DSF-A443-S1
    •43 inch Digital Signage Advertising Display
    •Durable and Secure metal construction
    • Powder coated frame with fold out rear leg
    • A-Board Slim design
    •1 Year warranty
  11. DSF-A243-S2
    •43 inch or 55 inch Interactive Digital signage Display
    •Secure and Durable metal construction
    •1 Year warranty
  12. Universal & Aluminum
    • Model SC-105
    • Aluminum Tablet Coutertop Stand
  13. Adjustable
    • Model SC-302
    • Tablet mount stand & kiosk
  14. SC-506
    • Tilt-able & Rotatable Enclosure
  15. VESA mounting available
    • Model SF-101
    • Floor-standing tablet & iPad stand