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Mihler is dedicated to designing and manufacturing stylish, secure and quality Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk and Tablet Stand Solutions to meet our clients’ various needs. 
New Products
  1. VESA mounting adjustable stand
    •Model SC-304
    • With titling and rotatable bracket
  2. 360° Rotating & Tilting Bracket
    • Model SW-301
    • Wall mounting iPad stand
  3. DSF-B1133-S4B
    •13.3 inch free standing Digital Signage
    •Secure and Durable metal construction
    •With camera for collecting data
    •1 Year warranty
  4. Stylish stand
    Model SC-102
    360 degree rotating tablet stand
  5. KSW-A132-S4
    •32 inch Floor standing interactive kiosk
    • Payment interactive kiosk with card reader, printer, scanner model, etc
    •Three mounting options: floor stand, wall mount and counter top
  6. KSF-A119-S4
    •19' Touch Screen Kiosk
    • Ordering Kiosk with Printer built in
    • Three mounting options: floor stand, wall mount and counter top
  7. KSC-A119-S4
    Countertop 19 Interactive Kiosk
  8. DSF-A443-S1
    •43 inch Digital Signage Advertising Display
    •Durable and Secure metal construction
    • Powder coated frame with fold out rear leg
    • A-Board Slim design
    •1 Year warranty
  9. DSF-A243-S2
    •43 inch or 55 inch Interactive Digital signage Display
    •Secure and Durable metal construction
    •1 Year warranty
  10. Universal & Aluminum
    • Model SC-105
    • Aluminum Tablet Coutertop Stand
  11. Adjustable
    • Model SC-302
    • Tablet mount stand & kiosk
  12. SC-506
    • Tilt-able & Rotatable Enclosure
  13. VESA mounting available
    • Model SF-101
    • Floor-standing tablet & iPad stand
  14. SF-201
    •Floor touch screen kiosk
    • Vesa Mounting compatible for different monitors and with printer built in
  15. Adjustable and Versatile
    •Model SC-301
    • Countertop mount tablet stand & kiosk